🛒Market Place

Welcome to Nemit Market Place, here is as the "collect to earn" part of Nemit Ecosystem for non-fungible tokens(NFTs). Simply here is kind of like Opensea and Binance NFTmarket, where you can buy, sell, and explore NFT assets.
As the picture above, you can type the name of NFT item you're searching for, of course you can also sort and filter options to help discovering what you are looking for, such as Lowest Price, Highest Price or Recently Listed, etc.
Until now we only support Fixed Price Listings services. A fixed price listing is like what you’d seen on orther traditional e-commerce sites . A seller picks a price, confirms the listing, and the item remains on sale until it’s either purchased for the stipulated price or cancelled by the seller.
In addition, if you have no idea about setting up BSC wallet and connecting to our website, here is the instruction for guide.
Trading on Nemit Market Place is a trust-minimized process based on the encrypted smart contract to realize tranaction between sellers and buyers directly without relying on escrow or trusted third party payment processors.