🎉More NFT Artworks SLGs

A Nemit world with museums, art galleries, exhibition stands, historical record galleries, shops, auction houses and other buildings.
You can run your artwork in the Metaverse where a good business strategy will make you more profitable.
Maze Escape
Meet Van Gogh
World Art History
Rolling HOC
A puzzle game with NFT artworks, players need to use props to leave the maze in order to get a reward.
Inspired by Meet Van Gogh of the Doctor Who series, players can search for treasures in an abstract world.
Disseminating world art history to digital players by way of NFT, WAH is a social interactive type of application.
Matchmaking game, players can use props to play against each other to get higher experience value or HP value.
Some are ideas, some are already in the development program.
We will also develop common API and interfaces and work with more game developers to bring online more applications related to the artwork ecosystem.